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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Job Alert - Advanced Analytics Executive Telenore Pakistan Islamabad

Advanced Analytics Executive

Develop and deliver insights and models to answer business questions. Apply predictive analysis, interpretations on the data using advanced models and data mining. Guide business pro-actively by suggesting new ways of looking at customer behaviors. Co-ordinate with stake holders ; units for which the analysis is being done.

The position is suited for number crunchers who have strong motivation to work with large-scale real-life data mining applications and exploring new customer insights. Prerequisites include experience of developing statistical models and deep familiarity with all aspects of data mining process.

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Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop processes to identify new ways / patterns of looking at customer behaviors.
2. Develop models (using company accepted methodologies and tools) in coordination with key stakeholders, such as Churn Prediction model, Social Network Model, Behavioral Segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value Model etc.
3. Link output of the Models/Analyses with Systems at Customer Contact Points.
4. Use different tools and techniques to handle complex requests / problem statements from business.
5. Pro-actively suggest business users, new ways of looking at customer behaviors.
6. Ensure that a plan is developed /agreed with internal customers for developing models to support their functions.
7. Present modeling approach and results to internal customers / Management.
8. Develop/improve systems and processes for periodic runs of models and ensure that they are followed.
9. Assist in developing and implement a strategy & roadmap for BI / Analytical initiatives and align it with overall TP strategy.
10. Ensure proper tracking / reporting of all initiatives.
11. Ensure required standard of quality is maintained in the deliverables.
12. Manage, develop, and maintain productive relationships with internal customers and partners.
13. Develop best practices in Advance Analytics.

Shahzad Afzal

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