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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Windows 8 much more secure than Windows 7/ Modern technology turns Olympic stadium into large screen

Windows 8 much more secure than Windows 7
News PictureResearchers Chris Valasek (Senior Security Researcher at Coverity) and Tarjei Mandt (senior vulnerability researcher at Azimuth Security) spend their days seeking ways to compromise security in Windows. They're good guys; if they find a problem they ..more
Modern technology turns Olympic stadium into large screen
News Picture Modern technology helped turn the Olympic Stadium into one huge screen in theLondon Games opening ceremony here Friday. 

In the opening ceremony, one of the mostexciting new ideas used is the "audience p..more
Internet companies‘ stock collapse hurts Silicon Valley
News PictureSocial media companies, once hailed by their Silicon Valley boosters as world-changing businesses with limitless potential, are instead proving a sobering reminder of how investors can be seduced by internet hype.With a few exceptions, the first wave..more
E-meter software for Android phone gets 4,000 downloads
News Picture More than 4,000 commuters have so far downloaded the free software -- which gives you free Autorickshaw/Taxi E-meter on an Android phone.

The software will soon have a feature to send a mobile complaint against errant drive..more
Android, Nokia MeeGo phones hacked using NFC
News PictureA skilled hacker has revealed a new technique to hijack a smartphone via a short-range radio technology known as Near Field Communication (NFC).Charlie Miller, a research consultant at security firm Accuvant, created tools that forced phones to visit..more

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