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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Infosys to induct junior employees into consulting/ Skype founder browsing the world for next hot tech idea

Infosys to induct junior employees into consulting
News PictureIndia's second-ranked software exporter Infosys said it will begin inducting junior level employees into its consulting division by re-training them. Until now, only senior- and middle-level employees were hired for the vertical. 
A junior ..more
Skype founder browsing the world for next hot tech idea
News PictureNiklas Zennstrom, co-founder of internet phone service Skype, believes the next hot tech business will just as likely spring from Istanbul or Sao Paolo as from Silicon Valley or the coolest districts of London. And he is prepared to fly around t..more
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs tops list of world's best CEOs
News PictureLate visionary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has topped a list of the world's best chief executives, according to a report. 
The global list, compiled by French business school Insead for Harvard Business Review, ranked the former Apple head ..more
Developing a private cloud
News PictureCloud computing continues to transform the enterprises it touches. Moving business processes, data storage, and embracing more virtualisation are all key components of today's cloud environments. The outsourced foundation of the cloud is driving this..more
Wireless charging: Pick Google Samsung or Nokia
News PictureSmartphone battery running low?
You are not alone. With millions of mobile devices handling more tasks, batteries are draining faster, forcing the industry to look for solutions including wireless charging, which can give consumers a power boost..more

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